Little Savage- Leo braided leather pacifier light

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Leo sutne cord® made of braided leather cord in natural tanned leather.

Our pacifier clips are designed by Little Savage and handmade in Denmark. Our mission is Slow fashion and Sustainability in choosing natural and poison-free materials for our children

The pacifier clips are produced in 100% natural-colored, chromium-free leather from Ecopell in Germany - A company unique in the world.
Ecopell is one of the most environmental and skin friendly natural leather on the market. This quality label they obtain by means of vegetable tanning of valuable and sustainable tannins as well as dyeing without heavy metals. The leather has authentic natural marks that emphasize its authenticity and represent the animal's good life.
We are proud to produce our pacifier clips in this certified, environmental and skin-friendly natural leather, which, due to its gentle tanning with plant material, is more delicate than industrial chemical mass production.
An authentic material that is breathable, feels warm and soft and, not least, gives the bags a wonderful natural patina when used, which reminds one of the use over time.

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